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Customize your trip

Customize the trip
according to your needs

  • You can set the times of your trip as you wish
  • You can choose the fishing methods you want:
    a) Rods and reels
    b) Trolling
    c) Angling
    d) Spearfishing
    e) Netting
  • f fishing is not your thing, no problem, make a trip around the island,
    swim and snorkel in the beautiful crystal blue waters.
  • Arrange food and drinks: a) soft drinks | b) wine | c) beer |
    d) snacks | e) full dinner on board
Amazing trips

Great moments, a unique experience that you will
want to repeat over and over

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Wonderful trips around the island, fishing in the rich fishing spots of Poros, swimming in lovely bays with turquoise waters
and traditional food with appetizers, salads, fish, drinks and refreshments on board.